Northern Cup Final 2010

Who will ever forget the last fifteen minutes of the Northern Rail Cup Final 2010 at Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, when Batley Bulldogs took on the highly fancied Widnes Vikings?

This video starts with Batley trailing 15 – 18. Lythe is penalised for getting up and continuing to run forward after the referee had deemed the tackle to have been made (a decision that would probably not have been made in 2015). From the resulting penalty Widnes go on to score and lead by 15 – 24.

At this point any Bulldog fans would have been forgiven for thinking that the match was over. But the team had other ideas and Alex Brown stepped up to become a Bulldog hero for all time! And Batley went on to bring home the first trophy in more than 80 years…

If you enjoyed the highlights of this video, maybe you would like to purchase the full match from BISSA. BISSA rely on sales of DVDs to help finance the Batley squad. You may purchase this video any many others by following this link