Match Day 6: Doncaster v. Batley

Sundays match against Doncaster is a game with a long tradition. My personal memories of this match go back to the 70s when I was a youth watching the Gallant Youths. In those days it was the question of the season as far as our teams were concerned. Who will finish bottom of the table? Batley or Doncaster?

Thankfully times have changed, and both clubs have seen much better days since, culminating in 1994 when Batley met Doncaster in the final match of the season, in which the winner would be promoted to Division One. On this day Doncaster came out victorious, and although Batley delivered the goods in the next season (1994-95), we were, along with Keighley, denied promotion due to the founding of Super League.

Doncaster have been slow getting out of the blocks this season. As John Kear says, this will surely come to an end, but not on Sunday please.

Match Official T. Crashley

My prediction: Doncaster 18 Batley 30

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