Bulldogs Community Website Update and Roadmap

The Bulldogs Community Website started as an experiment in February 2015, and after a completed season it’s now time to look back at the last year and to plan ahead for the 2016 season.

The biggest problem I encountered was mainly due to my location. Living near Hamburg in Germany any information I have published is of course third hand information, it has obviously been impossible to write match reports and the such. I have countered that by using the power of Social Media to add what I hope has been interesting information. But its not enough …

Looking back I was confronted with other difficulties that I hadn’t reckoned with. i.e. getting hold of photos to use on the page. Unknown to me, Rugby League has put measures in place to stop match photographers sharing or even selling their photos to all but the press, which I am not.

And to add insult to injury, the Club has also removed nearly all videos from last season from Youtube

Under these circumstances, it has to be said, the Community Website has no future… I need allies!

I have as yet been unable to achieve my my main goal, i.e. participation by the fans. I started off with a forum named “Bulldogs Talk” which never really took off, and in hindsight it was somewhat unwisely competing with the forum at TotalRL.

Now I have implemented a social feature, which some may say is a rip off of Facebook. But, it has the obvious advantages that it is completely integrated into the site which keeps everything together. It also has the added value that photos can be taken on your smart phone and be directly uploaded to the stream, for instance during matches. It also allows people at the matches to leave comments and update scores etc.. But it needs people to do this, and this is the challenge facing me over the next months.

Link: http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/social/home?usec=stream

Apart from Bulldogs supporters participating in general on the site, to keep the site up to date and not be published what has already been published elsewhere on the Internet I am really in need of people who would like to be more involved in the shaping of the website, to write match reports for example – maybe not every week, or to write for the website, supplying us with relevant information.

I am always grateful for suggestions, and it would be great if some (or all) would like to sign up on the site and have a look at the Social feature and maybe add first comments to it. Registering is easy, just hit register on the top menu on the website and Bob’s your uncle!

For anyone with the urge to take a bigger part in this project, you can contact me via the contact form on the website, via PM on TotalRL, or as a Message on Facebook.

Look forward to hearing from you all.