Batley point impresses Press

Seldom before have the Bulldogs celebrated a point with so much enthusiasm.

After being 12-18 down mid second half, it looked like the Bulls had taken control, but if they had done their homework right, they would have known that the Bulldogs refuse to lay down. And the Bulldogs struck back with tries from Keegan Hirst and Alex Brown. Patch Walker failed to convert the latter, giving the Bulls a two point lead, but a penalty goal right on the full time hooter from 35 yards was enough to tie the scores. Claims from Bulls fans that the shot had gone wide just became irrelevant, as both touch judges confirmed the points.

Batley have lost top spot in the championships and are now poised in second place, but even though there are teams behind them with games in hand, who could possibly overtake the Bulldogs in the next weeks, none of these have had the truly difficult start to the seaon that Batley have had, playing the top 5 from last season in the first six games. So the Dogs fans, players and staff can sit back and look on truly satisfied with the situation.

Thus the echo from the press was also positive…

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